We love mini docs and wanted to share our Think Visual List of the Top 25 Mini Docs.

#1 The Donut Vault – Next time you’re in Chicago!

#2 Ingrained – International Wood Culture Society – The skill is fascinating.

#3 The Art of Brick – This guys knows how build lego houses.

#4 Hedgehog Arborists – Climbing trees for a living.

#5 Rice Farmer – American Value – More than just a rice farmer story.

#6 Greenland is Melting – NASA – The ice sheet is melting and the effect it has on the planet

#7 Tapping to His Own Beat – CNN – A very inspiring story.

#8 Warstic – Coach – A great approach from Coach on design.

#9 Inverted Bike Shop – A simple business but told in a beautiful way.

#10 Johanna Under The Ice – NOWNESS – Johanna Nordblad holds the world record for a 50-meter dive under ice.

#11 Canvas of My Life – Carhartt – Good on you Carhartt for sharing this story.

#12 Up There – Stella Artios – Old skills that should never get old.

#13 Above and Beyond Stories – WestJet – Connecting with real people.

#14 Agent of Connection – Simple yet powerful story.

#15 Inside the Museum of Failure – A museum dedicated to the biggest flops.

#16 Classic Ford Broncos – I want one!

#17 One Eighty Out – Yeti – We love all of the Yeti stories. Wow they know their customer.

#18 Revive – Great story about a small business

#19 Beyond the Shadows – Salesforce Tower – It’s not just another building!

#20 Compton Cowboy – Guinness – Unexpected yet relevant.

#21 The Little Potato Company – Who thought a potato story would capture your attention?

#22 The San Francisco Marathon – Connection creates motivation.

#23 Surfing the Ends of the Earth – What some people will do for fun.

#24 Restoring the Aleteo River – Working to save future generations.

#25 Brooklyn Brewery – A micro brewer with a big story