In addition to his blue period, Picasso is known for the headline-worthy quote, “Good artists copy; great artists steal.” Recent innovative storyteller, Jim Jarmusch has elaborated on that concept. It’s a lengthier quote and definitely worth the read, but pay close attention to the distinction between originality and authenticity.

Authenticity is your voice. It is embracing what makes you who and what you are and invites the audience to connect with that emotion or experience. A lot of emphasis is placed on being original. But Storytelling has been happening for so long that everything builds on something that already exists. It is a conversation that has been going on since the dawn of the human experience. No one can recreate that conversation. But anyone can bring their authentic voice to it.

WestJet has done an exceptional job of bringing authenticity to their Storytelling, and their Christmas campaigns are a prime example.

WestJet’s choice to capture real life moments certainly helps in regards to coming across as authentic, but the genuineness of their organization is a powerful component of these popular pieces. This video alone has over 47 million views!

People respond to authenticity. Today’s audience has become so sophisticated that it takes something special to deserve their attention. And something true is always something special. It doesn’t take an airport full of surprise gifts. It takes authenticity. The discovery and cultivation of your authentic voice is one of the most important elements of your Story.