From the collection of visual communication campaigns that we have come across, we want to share this month’s TOP 5 picks with you to entertain, inspire and enlighten.

1. Volvo XC60 – Moments

To promote their advanced collision avoidance system, Volvo will take you through a lifetime of moments in just 3 minutes. A very poetic and effective way to demonstrate a safety feature in a vehicle.

2. Dumb Ways to Die

This campaign was devised back in 2012 by Metro Trains in Melbourne, Australia, to promote rail safety. We love that catchy tune and cute, yet morbid animations. It’s memorable and gets the message across to it’s target audience.

3. Born to Create Drama

This was created back in 2010 as a promotional video for the Cannes International Advertising Festival. Creative spot with a twist that will give you chuckle

4. Canon: Perfect Moments

Being in the right place at the right time means nothing without the right camera. This spot by Canon is the perfect way to kick off their newest marketing campaign “Shoot for Greatness.”

5. The Rock x Siri

Apple gets creative by spinning this 3 minute and 45 second ad as a “movie”, and cast Siri as co-star to Dwayne Johnson.