Well it’s a new month, and that means we’re looking back at June and picking our top 5 fav posts from out Think Visual site from the month.

If you’re not familiar with our Think Visual website – It is a collection of all the visual communication campaigns, videos and websites that our team has identified as unique, creative and inspiring. We’ve collected and shared these projects internally for years and thought we should develop a site, to further spread the creative seeds on to you.

So, In case you’ve missed them we wanted to share our top picks for June–

#1 Active Water | Gatorade

This is by far one of the coolest commercials we’ve seen in a long time! Gatorade created a running man out of water. Without the aid of traditional CGI, the team animated a water-athlete in mid air using a series of over 2,000 switches that triggered the droplets at just the right time. Strobes were then used to freeze the droplets in mid air. The whole project went from inception to completion in less than 10 weeks. An amazing 20,000 parts were used to make the highly custom set, and over 5,000 man hours were consumed during the build. WOW!

#2 Timeless | Lacoste

Lacoste uses a timejump spot to cleverly demonstrate the timelessness of the Lacoste polo shirt. This little minute-thirty spot will keep you captivated right until the end. As it is, in essence, a mini film that tells a classic love story.

#3 URWHATUPOST | Bolthouse Farms

In an effort to make the internet healthier, Bolthouse Farms launched this website/campaign aimed to take a stand against unhealthy “food porn” on social media.  This site is filled with shocking stats on how many images are shared of healthy food vs unhealthy food on the net. They are encouraging people to share healthier images along with the hashtag #URWHATUPOST to inspire healthier eating habits offline.

#4 Raw Egg Mattress Test| Purple

This video has a similar feel to the “Poo-pori” video we saw launched back in 2013 which is maybe why we loved this video too. Purple Mattress’s came up with a unique way to show how different their product is compared to others on the market. It’s a very simple visual demonstration entwined with a little humor to make the 4 minute video feel more like entertainment rather than a sales pitch.

#5 An Incredible Journey| Geoff Tompkinson

This video offers a virtual tour of the sights and sounds of Upper Austria. The method used is called “HyperZoom” which creates a continuous journey with no cuts. A very cool concept that allows you to  experience another place without leaving the comfort of your home.