Bayer Digital Farming wanted to share their new Zone Spray technology with a greater audience. Nowadays, farming itself is almost as inaccessible to the public mainstream as Bayer’s cutting edge technology. So when Bayer came to V Strategies with the objective of highlighting their latest technological innovation, we suggested that the best way they could achieve that objective is by telling a great story about it.

Choosing the appropriate medium is an overlooked challenge. People often select the medium before they have even considered the core message that they are trying to convey – the story they need to get across to their audience. But crafting a powerful story almost always determines the best medium. In the case of Bayer Digital Farming, once they had discovered and developed their story, the most appropriate medium turned out to be a 360° video, in the realm of the re-bourgeoning arena of virtual reality. V worked with Bayer and our sister company MAMMOTH VR to tell the story of an innovative technology through an innovative medium.

Even with a game-changing medium like virtual reality and 360° video, it is still a challenge for any messaging to breach the constant barrage of visual content on numerous media platforms. And once again, story turns out to be the difference-maker. Storytelling has an unparalleled capacity to connect with the audience. It reaches across the superficial levels of engagement and captures the universal human experience. Story can take something generally out of reach like digital farming and turn it into a story that connects to an emotional experience through a visual narrative that both captures and holds an audience’s attention.

In the end, Bayer was able to use the immersive 360° story for numerous functions and applications. We connected Bayer to their audience by combining the latest in online communications technology with the timeless power of storytelling.

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