This concept isn’t new, in its own way branded entertainment has been around since the 1930’s in radio and with early TV shows. However, branded entertainment has definitely evolved. Every day it is becoming more of a reflection of who we are as an audience. Brands are keeping up with what their target audience wants to see, and let’s face it, that’s the best marketing move any business could make.

Ultimately, this type of content gives the brand an opportunity to connect with their audience in an engaging way; by providing marketing in the form the entertainment. Customers are now seeking out this type of content as opposed to brands pushing on to consumers.  And even though  many companies are still relying heavily on more “in your face”, tradition forms of marketing, by incorporating branded entertainment, they are softening their brand and giving themselves more of a human personality that people can relate to and get behind.

In short, the time is now. As long as the quality of the content is likable, creative and captivating our senses will tell us to watch, listen and engage. Branded Entertainment is not going away.  We believe that it’s the future of entertainment.  Brands creating content specially targeted at their consumers.

Here are a few of our favorite Branded Entertainment videos –

Ryan Reynolds and an IKEA Crib

Interestingly enough, this was put out by GQ and not IKEA (for obvious reasons) But note that except for GQ watermarking the video, we don’t see any advertising for them, so after watching this video we feel better about the GQ brand as a whole because we aren’t being “sold” and we became bigger fans of  Ryan Reynolds…..if that was even possible! :)

This Father’s Day, Go Ask Dad

Gillette is behind this video, which becomes pretty apparent as their logo is peppered throughout. However, they are still delivering an authentic, engaging experience between their brand and their audience. They connect with their viewer by pulling at those little heart strings between Father and son.

The first wireless bungee jump

Okay so this spot was actually put out by IKEA. But what makes it captivating is they take us along on this story about wireless bungee jumping. Deep down we know this couldn’t exist but it seems so real, so now we’re hooked and we watch it through. Only to find out that we are in fact being sold, IKEA wants to tell us about their new wireless charger. But after all that, we’re not even mad. Well done IKEA, you almost had us.

Danny MacAskill – “Way Back Home”

Everyone talks about Red Bull when it comes to Branded Entertainment and there’s good reason for it,  they’re rock stars.  Red Bull is known almost more for their extreme sports and music content then they are for their energy drinks.  Just so happens that they sell a hell of o a lot of energy drinks in the process.  You see they have figured out that if you create interesting and relevant content that your consumers are interested in they will in turn support your product.  Brilliant!