Yesterday Instagram launched a new feature, Instagram Stories. Everyone is saying they copied Snapchat, and let’s be honest – they did. But who cares? In fact, this is a good thing. Copying and improving upon is all part of evolution and adaptation.

So kodus to Instagram for staying relevant. Often we see an amazing app or platform die a slow death because it doesn’t change. It doesn’t evolve with the demand and new technology and what was once the newest and greatest becomes the laughing stock of the digital world.  Long story short, if you stay static and your audience gets bored, you’re dead.

Snapchat has quickly become the fastest growing messaging app and is growing every day. So why not take what someone else is doing well and improve upon it?  Instagram has done exactly that. Their story feature supersedes Snapchat’s. Their version is more thought out and well planned. They simplified the interface to make it more intuitive to use for all users, not just for the teen and preteen users that Snapchat is targeted to. And since Instagram already has over 500 million active users it has the added advantage of already having a community in place.

This new added feature is breaking a common criticism about Instagram being too “picture perfect” and not real. These quick little stories, add the authentic element that Instagram was previously missing. A 24 hour glimpse into the daily lives of Instagram users everywhere, both individual and businesses. So, now you can take a bite out of reality all while enjoying beautiful imagery in one easy to use application. Well done Instagram, well done.