Here at V we stress the importance of storytelling- story telling is what breaks through the threshold of contextual boredom to resonate with the audience.

Take Yeti Coolers for example- a company only ten years young that has mastered visual storytelling, turning a cooler brand into not just a cult but a culture. They took a story and turned it into something that people follow as closely as a trending TV series.

Who is Yeti?

Founded in 2006 by two brothers with a passion for hunting, fishing and the outdoors, the Yeti Company has already begun to create a brand culture that normally takes decades to reach. With a strong focus on the niche markets within outdoor living, the Yeti Cooler has skyrocketed into the premium cooler market. Yeti has taken a normally disposable product and transformed its use into something that acts as an invitation to a conversation about the brand.

How did they do it?

Through visual storytelling, social media, and partnership, Yeti is structuring a brand story where their own loyal fans do the writing for them. Yeti is all about understanding their audience and understanding their exact needs, wants, and expectations. By focusing on niche markets, especially those that align with their founders’ passion, they’ve allowed for a sense of authenticity about both the company and their product. More so, Yeti created “Yeti Presents” a mini-series that that follows influential passion seekers around the world. This branded entertainment refrains from directly marketing coolers, but brings people into the Yeti community.  The more Yeti began to understand the consumer, the easier it was to create content and build relationships that propelled their brand name and messaging across North America

Why does it matter?

Having trail blazed the premium cooler market in 2006, Yeti has surpassed the expectations of many. Yeti’s strong visual presence has allowed them to grow substantially in the latest years. At 30 million in revenue in 2011, Yeti’s shift toward visual storytelling through video and brand presence using ambassadors around the world grew their revenue to over 100 million in 2013. Their video presence online, ‘Yeti Presents”, has accumulated hundreds of thousands of views through their YouTube channel, connecting on a very personal level to the viewer. Yeti’s success and continuing growth transcends from building a relationship with their created community; a relationship that has grown using continual communication of their lifestyle brand.

This all being said, any company with a captivating story to tell, complemented by visual communication can cut through the clutter of a saturated market. If you don’t think your company has the potential to become a culture then sorry but you’re wrong. You just need to start with a story.