Sophisticated Viewer:

/səˈfistəˌkādəd – ˈvyo͞oər/

One who has developed the keen(er) ability to view visual content and identify quality visual storytelling.

Of course this phrase has been coined but whether you think so or not, over time we have all become sophisticated viewers- attune to a certain standard of visual content. We are no longer satisfied with stock movie plots but yearn for complex story arcs that exercise our minds. We have developed an unconscious information filter that only lets meaningful content resonate in our 8 second attention span. More so, we have the technology that continually improves the quality of visual content we see every day. Instagram for example intuitively trains our sight to pick up on the images that best stimulate our visual senses. A single filter can be the difference between a like, share or comment when it comes to engaging with a photo on a social media platform.

wedding copy beach

Let’s be honest, if you were getting married which photo would you choose? If you are searching for the perfect surf trip which photo would you be more enticed by? Well-crafted visuals can do more than grab attention but leave a lasting impression of emotional connection. Well-crafted visual content can be the difference between telling beautiful story or not at all. So, are you a sophisticated viewer?

This all being said, when it comes to visual content the basic click and shoot won’t cut it! People’s standards of high quality visuals are a product of their surroundings. We have become cognisors of the visual sense, only choosing to spare our attention to a piece that truly seems to capture what we have trained ourselves to deem worthy.